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My Journey

Yoga has helped me find balance, peace and harmony during trying times.  I take it as my responsibility to share yoga practices, in the form of meditation and asana, to help students develop a sincere practice and find the essence of their yoga journey.

I live in the United Kingdom in the village of Burnham and teach regular yoga and meditation classes in Bucks & Berkshire Counties


From the very first class with Palka I have enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience and encouragement.  As a more mature student I feel her classes have helped me maintain, or indeed, improve my flexibility.  She is always happy to give variations for poses I struggle with.  She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable whatever their ability

Joan Healey

I had the opportunity to have a one-to-one session with Palka outdoors on a beautiful evening in the sunshine under pure, blue sky.  It was an amazing experience, and during the relaxation, brought out emotions that I was obviously holding onto!  I went home feeling so much more alive and relaxed

Sarah Vockins-Lynch

If you are looking to find "true" yoga and discover if you love it, Palka is your instructor.  She is so authentic, calming and just fab!  I love the friendly atmosphere Palka creates and how she caters for all abilities with one-to-one attention on your progress.  Great teacher, great yogic start to my yoga journey

Kusam Sethi

Be where you are...not where you think you should be